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News Update from Events by Platinum Blue
January 17, 2022

With the Province of BC starting to open back up, but still following the protocol and guidelines, it is time to start thinking about the future of in-person events, gatherings, special occasions and weddings and what they will look like. Just as in-person events were becoming a possibility- we were hit with a new curve ball. But with due diligence we will overcome this as well. The pandemics and viruses brought unprecedent losses and challenges for the event industry, event planners have acknowledged their roles as they organize mass events and gatherings. We are in constant contact with Fraser Health to relay news to our clients, attendees and so forth. We work diligently with venues to select appropriate venue who are also following guidelines.


One thing being we have learned to redesign our business, giving ourselves credibility and authority. Everything from pulling off virtual, in-person and hybrid events. We have acquired new skills, successfully negotiated contracts and developed innovative ways.

Believe it or not, us event planners miss gatherings more than you do - it's not because we long to camp out at music festivals or watch someone catch a bouquet at a wedding. This is our livelihood on the line. In 2019, the event industry was a $1.5 trillion business worldwide, and the 13th largest worldwide. Over 80 % of those events workforce are female, another area women are feeling the pressure acutely. That being said, I as a woman in the industry have focused a New and Improved event industry for myself.  Happily not cancelling events but being able to move them to other dates, maintaining relevance and value. I have learnt patience, resiliency, optimism for an end to this insanity, staying curious, been innovative, most of all positive for the future.

Pivot, pivot and pivot again.

Reactivate our event engines looking onwards.  I look forward to helping you with ALL your dream events in 2022.

With Love

Susan Simning

Senior Event Coordinator/CEO 

Events by Platinum Blue

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